“Banjolectric rebrands the instrument as a modern pop machine” - PopMatters

“Fresh” “Original” “Innovative” - Grateful Web

“So Below” one of “20 Best Folk Albums of 2018” by Pop Matters

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FROM: Detroit, MI

GENRE: Detroit Electro-Folk / Folk Pop / New Americana

ABOUT: Shattering your idea of "banjo music," Banjolectric’s Gregory Mulkern is shaking up expectations for America's original folk instrument. Combining modern beats, contemporary lyrics, and international sounds with undeniable banjo chops, Mulkern stays true to the roots of the 5-string banjo while reimagining "Americana" for our modern America.


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Press Quotes:

“Banjolectric Rebrands the Instrument As a Modern Pop Machine”

(Pop Matters, Nov 2018)

”Gregory Mulkern sets out to prove that the instrument is capable of much more than many of us are currently aware of—and, he succeeds.”

(Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters, Nov 2018)

“A skilled musician, Mulkern is also an accomplished songwriter and vocalist. Banjolectric pays tribute to the instruments illustrious role in folk music history while using the contemporary moment to expand the banjo's sonic capacity.”

(Elisabeth Woronzoff, Pop Matters “The 20 Best Folk Albums of 2018" Nov 2018)

"So fresh! Banjolectric's originality leaves you wanting to hear more."

(Detroit Performers Expo, 2018)

"Banjolectric's blending of genres is great for summer festivals."

(Detroit Performers Expo, 2018)

"It's amazing what Banjolectric can do."

(Detroit Performers Expo, 2018)